FaceTime SharePlay coming Monday with iOS 15.1 — what you need to know.

Two-year deal – save 72% | $3.29 a month Signing up for as long as possible will net you the best deal, and NordVPN is offering a huge 72% discount. If you’ve clicked through to Nord’s website before, you may find that the price has gone up. While SharePlay works with Apple’s own apps, there’s also support for other streaming services. With that in mind, you’re probably best off signing up for the longest plan to secure the cheapest monthly price, and then claiming back within 30 days if it really isn’t for you. It’s worth noting that all NordVPN plans are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, at $6.67 a month, it’s a little more expensive . This is thanks to a 10-hour timer. This list is expected to continue growing in the months to come, too, though it’s unclear when or if a service like Netflix will support SharePlay. Overall it’s a slicker package, has greater variation of server location, and is excellent for any purpose.

Those prices offer savings of 22% and 18% respectively . SharePlay will work across all Apple devices, with the iPad, Apple TV and Macs adding support. 1-month NordVPN plan If you’re looking to test-drive NordVPN before committing, signing up for a month is the way to go. Among those included are popular platforms such as HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, and even TikTok. The software support all those devices will receive updates Monday enable SharePlay.

SharePlay lets users watch videos, listen to music and share their screens in synced up fashion over FaceTime. As one of the best VPN services on the market, it’s no surprise that NordVPN coupon codes are in high demand – after all, who doesn’t want to save a bit of cash? On this page, we’ll be rounding up all the NordVPN coupon codes, VPN deals and discounts currently available, including exclusive bargains for Tom’s Guide readers. If so, right click the link above and select ‘open in Incognito’ – then you’ll see the best price.

On Monday, macOS 12 Monterey arrives, and at the same time, Apple will roll out the 15.1 updates for its iPhone and iPad software, which restore SharePlay to the FaceTime app. That’s great for avoiding commitment, but be aware that prices rise on renewal, so you’ll get the better price for longer on the two-year plan. One-year NordVPN deal – save 58% For not much more, you can bag NordVPN on a more flexible one-year contract for just $4.92 a month. NordVPN is one of the top VPN services on the market today. Right now, NordVPN is offering a seriously good VPN Black Friday deal – you can bag 72% off a two-year plan . That means you’ve got a whole month to test out the service to make sure you like the way it works.

That’s down to the fact it offers a seriously powerful security-focused experience and excellent streaming VPN performance alongside some really well-priced longer plans. The best bit? There’s no coupon code to remember! This deal is applied at checkout, so just head on over and you’ll automatically get your big saving. Apple Wallet will also be able to store COVID-19 vaccination cards with the iOS 15.1 update . The good news, however, is that the triumphant launch of the feature is only days away, as confirmed by its inclusion in the release candidates that went out yesterday (Oct.

18). Plus, if you change your mind, you can still make use of that 30-day money-back guarantee. FaceTime SharePlay coming Monday with iOS 15.1 — what you need to know. That works out at just $3.29 a month, and is the cheapest this plan has been since 2017. See who comes out on top in ExpressVPN vs NordVPN. . or take a look at IPVanish vs NordVPN Once you’ve chosen, follow our guide on how to download NordVPN.

Why are these NordVPN coupon codes so good? : What we think of this year’s iPhone update Stream the best shows and movies on HBO Max in SharePlay Plus: MacBook Pro M1 Max first benchmarks allegedly leak — here’s the results. Add to that additional features like Double VPN and Onion over VPN, and you’ve got a great suite of dedicated privacy tech. Apple had previewed the feature back in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference, but ended up removing SharePlay from beta versions in order to fine-tune the feature before launch. NordVPN coupon codes, deals and sales: all the best bargains in November 2021. Other features coming to the iPhone include the ability to capture ProRes video with the https://jiji.ug/ssisa/electronics iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max — check out our guide on how to record ProRes video . If you’re looking for our top-rated VPN, we’d recommend ExpressVPN.

The best NordVPN coupon codes today. The same can be done via Apple Music to allow users to listen to songs together, with SharePlay once again automatically syncing the music. 1-year NordLayer deal – save 22% For those looking to protect their business from hacks and data breaches, NordLayer is an excellent option. Signing up for a year will only set you back $7 per user per month with the Basic package, or $9 on the Advanced package. Release candidates grant beta testers access to a final build of an operating system before launch, providing them with a final opportunity to catch any potential bugs before that version goes live to the public.

SharePlay automatically syncs the video across each connected device on a call. While it’s more expensive ( £11.95/£9.20/mo ), if you just want a taster it’s a good choice. However, that doesn’t compromise Nord’s speeds, and it’s an excellent Netflix VPN and gaming VPN thanks to its lightning-fast connections – it even features on our round-up of fast VPN services. As for iOS 15.1, it does more than just restore SharePlay to FaceTime.

Apple’s highly anticipated SharePlay feature arrives on iPhones, iPads and Macs next week, after Apple held it out of the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 releases that debuted last month. To use SharePlay to watch videos together, both users will simply begin a normal FaceTime session, and then load up the content individually. For those whose first priority is security, Nord’s incredibly powerful encryption will be a massive selling point – although it’s arguably over-engineered for the purpose, it’s stronger than any other premium VPN.

This time around, iOS 15.1 release notes have verified that SharePlay is included alongside multiple other major updates, stating that the software update “adds SharePlay, an entirely new way to have shared experiences with family and friends in FaceTime.” That works out at just $3.29 a month.

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